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Europa Cup Hungary
Fri 8th September 2017 - Sun 10th September 2017
Hungary, Balatonfüred

Regatta Informations

This regatta will be organized by the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club.

Sailors wishing to enter must first complete an application form.

Entry Fee60.00€ (EUR)Late Entry Fee80.00€ (EUR)Entry Closing DateTue 29th of August
Entry Address
Race office openingThu 7th of September , 16:00 Race office closing Sun 10th of September , 19:00
First RaceFri 8th of September , 11:00Last RaceSun 10th of September , 14:00 N° of Races8
Social events
Event merchandise, snack party, other social events e.g. photo slide show and various programmes. 
Various prices for the winners and personalised souvenirs for all the competitors.
Insurance Requirements

Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 1.000.000 € per event or the equivalent


For Coaches:


Organizing Authority: Balatonfüredi Yacht Club SUPPORT BOAT USAGE ON LAKE BALATON

Lake Balaton is a natural preservation area. The National Transport Authority has therefore imposed strict regulations on engine-powered boats, which must be adhered to. Only support boats that completed registration will receive a permit to go on the water. Therefore all support boats, without a valid license for Lake Balaton, shall be registered at the Balatonfüred Yacht Club against a 36,000 HUF registration fee. The registration is compulsory.

The National Transport Authority will inspect the support boats, its documents and the local water police will regularly check whether the registration has indeed been obtained. The permit may be withdrawn at any time if a support boat driver does not comply with local regulations and causes unnecessary annoyance (excess speeding, using the boat outside training hours or races, etc.)

Each support boat shall clearly display an identification flag supplied by the Organizing Authority. No other individual support boats shall be used. A deposit of 10 EUR (or 3,000 HUF) will be required for the identification flag. The deposit shall be paid when picking up the identification flag at registration. On the last day, after giving back the identification flag at the Race Office, the deposit will be paid back.

To obtain the permit, the following data of the support boat shall be sent to until 5 September 2017:

1. Driver name 2. Boat type 3. Local registration number (if applicable) 4. Nationality 5. Hull model 6. Hull length overall (m) 7. Hull registration number 8. Engine type 9. Engine HP 10. Engine serial number 11. Boat name Note: unleaded fuel is available at all petrol stations in Balatonfüred.

Club Details

Balatonfüredi Yacht Club, 2 Zakonyi Ferenc utca, 8230 Balatonfüred Hungary

Tel: +36 70 415 1651

About Balatonfüred, Hungary

Boat Landing Area and Facilities:
The 150 year old Balatonfüredi Yacht Club gives excellent launching and landing facilities for the regatta participants. 2 slipways, 700m2 grass, 1300m2 concrete area are for general and storage use. 550 m3 topped hangar are suitable for opening and closing ceremonies, and for general use as well. Lock up store with electric light and electric power is available.
Local Facilities:

A size of 150m2 mutifunctional room with a 50m2 terrace is available with high speed internet facilities, projector, digital board, microfon, etc. for regatta office, a room for the Jury and Doctor is also avaliable within one building. Separate changing rooms for girls and boys with their own showers and toilets, and extra shower and refreshments are also reachable. A nice buffet with warter side and a newly establised gym can also be found on site.

Average Wind & Weather Conditions:
Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe situated in the middle of the Hungarian Trans-Danube territory in the western part of the country. The 77-km-length and the 14-km-width form a 600 squarekilometre-water surface. Tihany peninsula divides the lake in two parts, forming there a strait, - with about 1 km to sail it across - where you can find the deepest point of it, with 11 metres. This spot is known as the "Tihany Well' and it is caused by the periodical stream of the longitudinal movement of the water due to the E-W or W-E winds. The main axis of the lake lies approximately SW-NE. The water deepness varies between 0.5 and 5 metres, the smaller one on the Southern shore, and it becomes 2 metres after a 600-1000 m distance. At the hilly Northern shore the deepness starts with about 1.5 and reaches the above mentioned 5 metres relatively soon. The wave pattern is very special. The short and relatively high waves are very rough when it blows. The wavelength is 3-4 metres, occasionally 6 metres but only in strong wind. The height of the waves is usually 1 metre but in strong wind it may reach 1.5 metres and the crests fall through. In very rare circumstances, over a wind speed 80 km/hour, the wave crests are taken away and the water starts to form a dusting steam which is very dangerous. 
During the preliminary regatta time wind conditions are balanced but different. During September East wind is prevailing.
Local Driving Directions useful reaching the Boat Park: 
By car the easiest way is to take the main road 71. If you're coming from Budapest, you can use the motorway M7 (until the exit by the kilometre-sign 90, towards Balatonfüred). The distance from Budapest to Balatonfüred is 130 kms. Please note, that on all motorways (M1-M7) you have to buy a vignette sold at petrol stations. There is a fast growing highway network in Hungary (1,480 km in total). Each highway starts at Budapest. These are the most useful motorways: 
M1 - connection to Győr, Austria and Slovakia (west) M3/M30/M35 - connection towards Ukrain M5 - connection to Serbia, via Kecskemét and Szeged (south-east) M6/M60 - Connection to Dunaújváros and Pécs (south) M7/M70 - connection to Lake Balaton, from Croatia and Slovenia (south-west) By plane: the closest international airport is Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport, which operates flights to most European destinations. You need to take a bus from the airport to Déli pályaudvar (Railway Station) and take the train to Balatonfured (about 2 hours) 
For charter information please contact us at


As a mayor tourist destination Balatonfüred, a variety of accommodation is available within walking distance from the organizing Club. Large campsite within 1 km, plenty of large and small hotels from 1 to 4 stars, private accommodation in large variety. The price varies according to the quality of accommodation, Accommodation offers will be indicated on the website.
Please visit this website: